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Market Builders can help your firm implement a “state of the art” CRM system and assist you in successfully realizing your goals to better serve your existing clients and increase the probability of selling new business. The Investment Management industry is very complex and requires a thorough knowledge of the interrelationships between the different organizations involved. Plan Sponsors, Consultants, Service Providers, and Investment Managers all play a key role in these relationships. The management and tracking of who knows whom, who knows what, when certain actions need to be taken, all play an integral part in maintaining a successful relationship between yourself, your clients and prospects, and your business partners.

Designing and deploying a CRM system in the Investment Management business requires extensive industry experience and a thorough understanding of what it takes to have a successful implementation. Market Builders has that experience having worked since 1990 with over 100 investment firms in the US, including one third of the top one hundred and four out of the top ten managers. Our proven approach has resulted in some of the largest and most successful implementations in the industry. We have also worked with many mid-sized managers who need to provide the same world-class service to their clients.

Solid Implementation.

These guys really do what they say and their solution for Investment Managers works. They’re also a pleasure to deal with. They understand Salesforce and they understand the industry. I cant imagine doing a Saleforce implimentation / conversion without them. Adding the MMD integration was a big benefit for our marketing team, and Market Builders has done a great job of helping us display the data we need and eliminate duplicates, which is a crucial issue.

Sloane Payne

Portfolio Manager, Value Strategies, WCM Investment Management

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Market Builders has created a customizable solution specifically designed for the Investment Management Industry. The solution is meant to serve as an “accelerator” by providing the basic framework that will be modified in order to provide a customized version of to satisfy each customer’s specific requirements. They are a compilation of the best practices we have observed as well as independently developed ideas based on our experience. To learn more about Market Builders CRM for Investment Management and Market Builders – MMD visit our listing on the AppExchange or contact us.


The process starts with the gathering of requirements that an investment manager feels they need to have in a CRM system. These requirements can be determined by reviewing existing materials such as spreadsheets and reports, and by evaluating current systems deployed by sales, client service and marketing departments. Interviewing key constituents in these departments can also highlight changes desired and objectives to meet. All of this information is evaluated in the context of the Market Builders CRM for Investment Management application that contain many of the best of breed practices. This allows us to quickly develop a custom prototype that reflects the investment manager’s unique requirements along with the best in industry standard practices.


The customization process uses a lean/agile approach that does not require any programming because of the unique architecture of The ease of modification to the database and screens leads to a rapid deployment initially as well as allowing you to incorporate future enhancements and changes to support your sales and service strategy with ease.

The custom prototype now becomes the vehicle that allows end users to react to what will become their solution. We use an iterative approach to incorporate changes and enhancements suggested by the people who will be using the system.


The final steps include the refinement and finalization of the prototype, loading of external databases such as MMD or FINsearches, converting existing CRM data, providing access to client portfolio information, and developing training materials.


Market Builders also offers training services to ensure a successful implementation.