Market Builders MMD


Market Builders MMD
Money Market Directory Data Integration

Market Builders – MMD provides 25 custom objects that allow a company to store all of the data on Plan Sponsors and Financial Consultants that is provided by the S&P Money Market Directory Pensionscope database.


  • Hot links from to MMD Web Access and between Sponsors and Consultants
  • Access to all MMD data elements for reporting and analysis and to create mass marketing programs
  • Ability to access and analyze competitive information on other Investment Managers and their clients

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  • Find “best fit” Plan Sponsors based on investment criteria and geography
  • Manage mass marketing programs to prospects and consultants
  • Search for Investment Managers servicing clients by type, by area, by product
  • Find Plan Sponsors using Investment Managers you want to target
  • Conduct searches for “best fit” Consultants
  • Find Sponsors using a specific Consultant
  • Conduct marketing programs for your product/service offerings

Market Builders MMD application has been built in order to allow a data store of the Standard & Poor’s Money Market Directory Pensionscope database. MMD sells this data and we have designed the custom objects, tabs and fields to store it all in This allows clients to use the integrated reporting tool to create custom reports and searches against the MMD data as well as have a hot link to the MMD Web Access product.

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