Market Builders CRM

Market Builders CRM
for Institutional Asset Management®

Market Builders CRM for Institutional Asset Management provides users access to comprehensive selling and client servicing data and all of the intertwined relationships while provisioning the tools to manage it all. It also incorporates best practices gathered from over fifty institutional asset management implementations at many of the largest and most prestigious firms in the industry.

The entire application is built on native It includes many of the standard objects in Salesforce such as Firms, Contacts, Activities, Opportunities, as well as having 54 custom objects.

Custom objects, tabs, and fields, as well as specific workflow needs, can be easily incorporated into the system to reflect the clients individual requirements. This is all done using the native setup functions which greatly facilitates the customization process.

Many of the custom objects in the Market Builders application are built in order to allow a data store of the Standard & Poor’s Money Market Directory database. Money Market sells this data and we have designed the custom objects, tabs and fields to store it all in This allows our clients to use the integrated reporting tool to create custom reports and searches against the MMD data and their own data.

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Ready To Talk?

  • Track and link the consultant and other service providers influencing each deal
  • Manage RFP’s and RFI’s through the entire response process
  • Alerts when an opportunity reaches a critical stage or closes
  • Keep current copies of all related documents and files
  • Improved communication on account data & performance to clients and service providers
  • Make portfolio data that resides in other systems/databases easily accessible
  • Provide automated “workflow” to insure alerts are triggered when certain events occur
  • Manage client reporting process
  • Store all of the rich information from 3rd party databases
  • S & P Money Market Directory – access to all data elements within Salesforce
  • Track attendees, participants and resources required
  • Auto assign tasks and responsibilities to multiple people
  • Track budget and expenses
  • Attach documentation/handouts/presentations
  • Facilitate risk profiling and other KYC requirements
  • Automated “workflow” to insure steps followed & policies observed
  • Track, Monitor and Manage consultant relationships
  • Conduct searches for best fit consultants
  • Link consultants to portfolios and opportunities

Market Builders continues to get it done!

I originally used Market Builders in 2010 to implement Salesforce at a small institutional asset manager. Three years later, and another firm, they are still my go-to implementation experts. Ray and Paul are efficient, knowledgeable of the institutional asset management business and solution providers.

Crissy Zantiny

Vice President, Scout Investments